Would You Like To Be Part Of Torah Classes That Are Available Only To A Select Few?
Enjoy Private, Interactive Torah Classes With Rabbi Manis Friedman!
How Many Times Have You Wanted To Ask A Question After A Great Torah Class, But just couldn't?
* Line For Questions Too Long?
* Rabbi Didn't See Your Raised Hand?
* Q&A Time Ran Out?
Now, YOU have Rabbi Friedman’s PERSONAL Attention During The LIVE Q&A!
Classes Will Take Place at one of the three times of your choice: 
Every Wednesday @ 1pm or 9pm EST or Sunday @ 9pm EST.

If You Miss A Class, No Problem! Classes Are Recorded So You Can Watch At Your Convenience.

Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
For The First Time Ever, Rabbi Friedman Will Be Giving A Private Course Available By Subscription Only. A Wide Range Of Topics Will Be Discussed, Such As:

- Dealing with Personal  Challenges
- Current Events
- Weekly Parsha
- Health
- Kabbalah and Chassidus

Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
“Before I discovered Rabbi Friedman’s courses online, I was jumping from one Torah-based website to another. Nothing I found has been as stimulating and inspirational as Rabbi Friedman’s lectures. I love his speaking style, his energy, and especially his unique way of making spiritual information so practical. I am thrilled to have found a teacher who is expanding my mind AND bringing me closer to God.”
I have been a long-time follower of Rabbi Friedman’s online classes. As much as I appreciate his intellectual approach to the Torah’s spiritual concepts, there is something I appreciate even more. It’s his warmth, humility, and feel-good personality. Such a combination is rare among online rabbis. When I watch Rabbi Friedman online, I feel like he is talking directly to me and addressing my personal issues. It’s like I’m watching a good friend clearly explain the complexities of life, as we’re drinking coffee together.”
"I was desperate to find my soulmate, and didn't understand why every relationship I had ended in failure. Thanks to Rabbi Friedman, I discovered how my expectations of love were making me attract the wrong mate. Now, I'm happily married to my husband of 4 years!."
you've enjoyed rabbi friedman's unique insights in the past, through his:
  • Ability To Clarify Complex Topics
  • Deep And Stimulating Analysis Of Various Topics
  • Eye-Opening And Life-Changing Insights
  • Warm And Relaxed Demeanor

How Is This Different Than What Is Currently Available Online?
- Enjoy Torah Insights That Aren’t Available To Anyone Outside Of The Course!
- Rabbi Friedman Speaks With YOU, Not A Room Full Of People
- Watch Rabbi Friedman As If He’s Sitting Across From You - Not From The Back Of The Room
- Classes Will Have A More Exclusive And Intimate Feel
- Watch At Your Convenience
* Live Q&A After Each Class!
FREE BONUS! (Limited Time Only)
Audio Book: Doesn’t Anyone Blush Anymore
The central theme of this book is modesty, a notion so simple and common that most of us would dismiss it as irrelevant to our daily lives. But Rabbi Manis Friedman asks us to look again. And as we do he explains, clearly and succinctly, how modesty can become a powerful tool for change.

“Anyone who is either married or thinking of getting married would do well to read this book.”
Bob Dylan

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